Two years ago, after I had passed my final high school exam, I had no idea about what to do next. I was nev­er good at mak­ing deci­sions so decid­ing what to study was a big prob­lem. A first tele­phone con­ver­sa­tion with Anke con­vinced me to try out her coach­ing. We talked about many things — my strengths, goals, dreams, hid­den long­ings .. things one nor­mal­ly nev­er real­ly thinks or speaks about in much detail, always on the basis of trust and under­stand­ing. At first it was a chal­lenge to con­front myself, to get to know myself in this way. But it helped, a lot. These con­ver­sa­tions helped me to fig­ure out what i want and what kind of val­ues are impor­tant to me.. I gained a lot, espe­cial­ly the courage to take the next few steps. Anke’s coach­ing helped me a great deal and I would call her again any time.

ANNA, 25

Hav­ing Anke Fehring as my coach has been tremen­dous­ly help­ful. Her sen­si­tive yet ana­lyt­i­cal approach, always com­bined with a pinch of humour has very much helped me to be my own true self. With her sup­port I recog­nised my strengths and accept­ed my weak­ness­es, which helped to have a good look at myself and appre­ci­ate who I am .… and what I want and can do.

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